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Personal Rating: 2/5 Total Spend: 35.20 O2OLR Chicken Rice Ball, Melaka! Well, they are quite popular for quite some time. And there many branch outlets all over. If I am not mistaken, there are 4 of them. All accepted O2OLR. Because they are so popular, and I do not know if they really accept O2OLR,… Continue reading FAMOSA CHICKEN RICE BALL, MELAKA

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Personal Rating: 4/5 Total Spend: 158.85 O2OLR Having our snow ice just before we came here. We were thinking of skipping dinner since we are not so hungry. But we also didn’t wanna miss this opportunity to visit another place in Johor. So, we decided to drop by for CRABS! It was a public holiday, and look,… Continue reading STEAM TASTY RESTAURANT, JOHOR

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Personal Rating: 3/5 Total Spend: 24.00 O2OLR Dessert time! Looks like they highly promoting their Durian Snow Ice! Outlet looks empty. But don’t judge by its cover! Em.. Menu comes with dirt marks. Hmm. Well, we decided to try their signature Snow Ice: Mango flavour & Durian flavour. And Glutinous Rice Ball in Syrup. It… Continue reading SNOW CITY DESSERTS, JOHOR

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Personal Rating: 2/5 Total Spend: 52.xx O2OLR RM (WARNING: O2OLR Accepted here, if only you spend above RM100) Happy New Year to all! I am back here once again. This round, we head down south, hunting for food, merchant that accepting O2OLR. We departed around 3PM on Saturday, which is the last day of year 2016.… Continue reading UFB UNION FASHION BAR, JOHOR

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STATION ONE, BUKIT TINGGI Personal Rating: 3/5 Total Spend: 127.45 O2OLR Sunny sunny Sunday! Hot weather makes me wanna stay in bed for longer. Well, stomach still need to feed though. Since it’s a Sunday, let’s hunt for some O2OLR brunch! We chose Station One, Bukit Tinggi Branch. Here are we! Rushing in, can’t wait… Continue reading STATION ONE, BUKIT TINGGI

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ROCOCO CAFE RESTAURANT Personal Rating: 3/5 Total Spend: 85 O2OLR Rococo located on the top floor of a small hotel named, Melange Hotel. Limited parking at the backyard, but we manage to get a parking there. When we reached to the top floor, we get to see their entrance glass door, with stickers! (I like the second… Continue reading ROCOCO CAFE RESTAURANT