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Personal Rating: 3/5
Total Spend: 127.45 O2OLR

Sunny sunny Sunday! Hot weather makes me wanna stay in bed for longer.
Well, stomach still need to feed though.

Since it’s a Sunday, let’s hunt for some O2OLR brunch!

We chose Station One, Bukit Tinggi Branch.

Here are we! Rushing in, can’t wait to stay indoor. Its too hot outside.

I forgot when was the last time I visited Station One.
Since they are accepting O2OLR, I think I will be going there quite often.
Surprisingly, they do sell Collagen Birdnest. (I used to drink a lot)

And also other drinks!

Checking out their menu now.

Decided to order 2 soups, Garlic Breads, Yakitori Salmon, and a tea with 2 cups.

Flower tea in a pot for sharing.
(Nice aroma, and we refill hot water more than 3 times,
and still taste nice. We were there from 1PM – 7PM, hahahaha)

Well, we actually bumped into our primary classmate.
So, she came over to have a small talk with us.

Oh yeah! Seafood Chowder Soup is here.
(Well, just like others, it comes with squid and shrimps inside the soup.
Acceptable! I think should be good, because Jess managed to finish it up)

Garlic bread is a perfect match for our soup!
(I like them! Crispy on the edge!)

And Mushroom Soup.
(Didn’t actually enjoy while it is still hot. We were busy talking to friend.
I like it still because it is not too creamy like others)

We keep talking, and we missed out the photo of our Yakitori Salmon.
Because Jess (My O2OLR hunting partner) already ate half of the salmon!
(That source taste like teriyaki. It comes with mashed potato.
Salmon was okay, but not for the mashed potato)

We talk and talk, that is from 1PM until 7PM!  (horrible. hahahaha)

Well, since we are paying using O2OLR, might as well treating our friend too.
And also we do some sharing too. (Sharing is caring, isn’t it?)

Didn’t get to take photo of more food.
We will be back for more the next time!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 12:00PM – 2:00AM


B4-20 Jalan Batu Nilam 3e, 
Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 603-33240799


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